13 Times Australian Aerobatic champion

Octogenarian stunt pilot Chris Sperou defies the clock to continue making memories in the air

  Ceduna-born Chris Sperou, 82, is one of Australia’s most daring stunt pilots. While most people in their 80s are enjoying a life at a milder pace, there are always the rare exceptions who buck that trend. Key points: Chris Sperou, 82, has been flying as a stunt pilot for more than 60 years He has…
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Chris and Warren Dual Display Oysterfest 2019

Although there was no flying on Saturday due to bad weather, Sunday was a different story.

Upcoming Events 2019

Oysterfest 2019 on October 4-6. More info as it becomes available.

Oysterfest 2018

Yet another great weekend at Ceduna for Oysterfest. Chris and Warren were again joined by James Hart for a dramatic aerial display. Ceduna is a beautiful venue, especially the beach front.   First up was the three ship fly-over and loop followed by a solo display by James. Video of the fly-over is coming soon.…
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Oysterfest 2017

Chris and Warren are again at Oysterfest for 2017. This yearly pilgrimage to Chis’ home town has been a yearly event. This year James Hart joins the team with Lil’ Pitts alongside Chris in the Super Stinker and Warren in the Deb.   We did have a small incident with a drone invading the box…
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Riverland Field Day

Chris had a great day today performing at the Riverland Field Days. Thanks to Tim and the team for inviting us back this year, we had a great time. Chris conducted 2 displays. The first with Warren Stewart in the debonair & then a solo display later in the day. You can hear an Interview…
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